One aspect of our show is a direct channeling of information into song.
As a catalyst to this creation, Carol asks for an idea.  AJ Talboy gives her the words,
"Fairy Ice Time"
Together they take a journey into the land of Fairies and Icemen melting.
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Under the Red Rock cliffs, on the stage,
The name "Oliver" reverberates in Carol's mind.  As she tunes into the presence
of a beautiful, expansive soul, what she sees she channels into
"Oliver's Song"
In the audience, at the end, we meet Oliver. (2.5 min)
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Musical journeys inspired by a guest's light-body connections
enter into the audio visual arena through Carol's interpretation of what she is seeing.
In this piece Carol sees her own presence merged with Victoria's high up
in the dome of a huge circus tent.  A circus life unfurls.

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