Skylark's Aura Portrait Healing Process ~ 4 minutes

Thee work is to inspire and enlighten. Carol Skylark works in the tradition
of aura seeing and energy healing. Itís very similar to Reiki and Therapeutic
Touch which use focused energy to add to and subtract from a personís aura
what they need to feel good. She also mixes in aspects of Shamanic, Native
American, Hebraic, Christian and Hindu mystical traditions. Carol visualizes
what she sees clairvoyantly and combines that with intuitive poetics for
coaching sessions. Because of her ability to see the aura and depict it via
painting and video animations, the television audience gets to see what it all
looks like and also take part in the emotional and spiritual transformations.

Carol shows this,
person by person, aura
by aura, using painted
pixels of light to show
the energy of the live
sessions. She paints
portraits of the aura,
and more than that, she
facilitates the transformational
healings, opening dark areas to
light, bringing her clients health and
happiness while teaching them how to maintain this light for themselves.
Rather than engaging in psychoanalysis which focuses people on reliving
their pain, Carol zones in, Ďseesí the situation, touches the trauma, and heals
it instantaneously with compassionate light energy. Sometimes it is with
MUSEic channeled into song that these journeys happen. Along the way
each person and the TV audience experiences by osmosis and observation
how to do this enlightening for themselves.

Whether Carolís clients find themselves smiling, laughing, crying, dancing,
singing, healing, or ďAH HAingĒ they are all touched in some way and their
lives are changed. Her work is spiritual, but also reaches beyond the
metaphysical into the practical world, where her clients are moved to do
good works on an earthly level.