We continue to film and edit new episodes and format the shows for both short form internet television and long form network TV.

Light Torch Productions is actively pursuing wider recognition in the media community with a publicity push and active promotion on the internet. "Journeys with Skylark" currently airs half-hour shows four times a week on Fort Collins Public Access Network (FCPAN). Re-edited, shorter clips are uploaded to YouTube, Blip TV, Current, journeyswithskylark.com and Carol’s primary website, lighttorchproductions.com. Our studio and location filming work is done by a staff of interns, creative members of the community, including musicians and videographers, and by Carol herself.







All editing, effects, and post production work is done in house by Carol and her assistants. this set up allows her the creative freedom to accurately communicate her message, but brings in outside perspectives which keep
"Journeys with Skylark" appealing to a wide audience.
Light Torch interns contribute a modern, youth-oriented style that balances the show’s more serious, spiritually
sophisticated theme. Even with this  minimal staffing, Light Torch Productions is already an established and functional television studio. The company and its flagship show, Journeys with Skylark, are ready to take the next step into a
larger arena.