We have produced two years of Journeys with Skylark TV episodes and
gathered enough material for another year’s worth of shows.







We have also innovated a new style of television show – one that pictures aura merged with body and place transparent to space. Visualizing the energy as it is happening is our forté, whether watching
a formal Aura Portraiture session, a Singing Psychic MUSEic journey, or a cinema verité shoot with the folks who synchronistically cross our path. It is the show and tell about how mind influences our bodies and how our spirit in influences our world that is our theme. Tools for enlightening your life come from the varied wisdoms of our guests, from vicariously following along with Carol’s consciousness coaching, and from our group mind visualizations. Our job and passion is creating a television show that merges everyday life with a spiritual perspective you can actually see.


Carol has innovated an art form that combines
aura seeing, spiritual healing and life coaching
with painting. She has worked with thousands
of people doing actual Aura Portrait Readings
and Healings and has brought that same vision and knowledge to the MUSEic video journeys. Her inspiration to take up a video camera and
document the experiences with her clients led to the creation of Journeys with Skylark, presently a locally produced public access television, show, and to her further explorations into videography, editing, animation, and special effects.

Carol works very hard, filming and producing this show which accurately communicates her vision. It has taken persistence and dedication to gain a grass roots following and establish her own studio and television production space in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Journeys with Skylark launched Carol into another level of community
outreach. She has been a special guest on several local and national
television shows, a speaker and presenter at numerous metaphysical fairs and expos, and the subject of an independently produced documentary.