Beautiful, Powerful Angels
to walk with us up the steps to the bright lights


* Three new workstations for editing and effects.

* Two new HD cameras, two mini HD cameras, compatible tripods,
and improved microphones.

* Software updates for Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Video, Combustion for each work station.

* To hire one part-time camera operator, one part-time sound technician,
one full-time editor, and one full time animation artist.


* Investors - to build our business.

* Sponsors - to sponsor our show on TV networks: companies that want to reach the green, enlightening masses.

* Volunteers - to grant us physical assistance such as cameras, computers, and other technical equipment.

* Viewers - a larger audience for our show including those who will give us feedback.

* Syndicators - professionals who will take us through the legalities and methods for syndicating our show to various markets.

* Co producers - those who wish to partner with us in development and positioning of the show in various markets.

* TV Networks - who would want our show for their audience.

* Internet TV guru to take our show on.


* Television production community building projects focused on sustainable living and the documenting of this process as part of the 'reality' aspect of the show - home base plus mobile ability.

* Developing a fully functional television studio capable of communicating directly to the world situated from a place of natural wonder.

Light Torch Productions has already done the lion's share of the work in bringing this vision to life by developing a genre that is easy and cheap to film and is authentic to the magic of the moment. Carol Skylark has a lifetime of experience supporting her work as an accurate intuitive reader/healer, artist/teacher, and has committed the better part of twenty years to developing this art for a television audience. Because Light Torch Productions is committed to its cause, Journeys with Skylark is a place where help and support will really make it happen now.