Aura Portrait of Aubrey Kay

Carol Skylark

The experience of working with this gentleman and doing this portrait was extraordinary. I first met Aubrey and did his aura portrait at a psychic fair in Pueblo, Colorado. The first thing I saw was an amazing and very intricate purple world above his head and various other aura events. These I painted.

Then I looked again and everything had stopped. I put the painting down thinking we were finished. We talked and then I decided to take one last look. His aura showed brilliant lavendar flames all through his body. I painted a 2nd painting and when we were done he confessed that he was testing me and had been meditating on St. Germain during the first portrait, and on Christ during the second.

I later worked with him on this portrait and his job was to do nothing with his aura...just to be. The forces that worked through us created the symbols and energies of this painting and taught us much about sacred light-body geometries.

The Diamond, The Stars, Triangles & Double Helix's

(The discourse on these geometries is in process and will be here soon)

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