Pictures and Practices

Focusing one's vision inside, while you are having a healing intention can create miraculous energic transformations.
Visualizing yourself as the child and yourself as the adult in an energy exchange of love can circulate healing energies through your entire body.

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Many geometric portals appeared in the light-body of this individual.
The five pointed star sat in the center of most of his chackras. This is a sacred geometry that has been used for transitioning between worlds and is the symbol of the enlightened ( fully lighted) being.

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This was my second full-size self portrait of the chackras.
A geometry of intersecting spheres was the underpinning of the experience. I focused into the center of each sphere and told it to 'blossom'. This painting is the result.

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A Portrait of Rayna

Rayna really opened my eyes to world healing. She was holding that crystal ball and meditating when I 'saw' it turn into the earth in space. When I told her, her comment was, "I was just wondering if I should tell you!"
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