"Lilly of the Valley"
Chackra Self-Portrait

The is the second full size aura portrait I did with myself as subject. A specific geometry came to me to work with. There were seven vertical spheres for the seven psychic centers...and there were three concentric spheres for each Center. I was guided to use this geometry to meditate into.

I would focus my mind's eye into the center of a center and tell that center to "blossom". Then I would watch my chackra manifest that command and I would paint the outcome. I did this for all three spheres getting a greater and greater blossomed expansion. The spheres were also connected vertically, so that three concentric vertical channels were also exercised into openness.

There is a principle of Sacred Geometry that shows that where two spheres intersect, a portal is created. The complexities of the intersecting spheroidal energies creates a holographic lens to the 'whole' beyond the specific. This was my experience during this process. In the image above, you can see where these portals are..there are three at the top and at the bottom of each center--red, blue and green. These sites were experienced and expanded as well as the main centers

Here is an exercise to explore:

Close your eyes and move your awareness into the center of one of your chackras. Let your awareness be as a light to illumine the energies that are there. Be there awhile, feeling and observing. Then silently speak a work or concept into this matrix. You can use the word "blossom", or make up your own directive. Allow the words content and vibration to affect the milieu. Then expand the entire space to the next natural distance out and do the same process. The third expansion may just blossom you into the great beyond...

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