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Carol meets Andre at an expo and does his aura portrait, revealing his two great grandmother spirit guides.  He has been conscious of their connection to him and tells us all about it.  Later he tells Carol that his job is to 'make women look beautiful', that he cuts hair. They decide to do a trade and four days later, at his Disco Salon we see him in his other persona, a fancy, flashy, kind hearted dude in black leather who reveals even more about his  spirit companions.  Carol is  transformed  by this awesome man who uses his own art form to uplift and empower women.  11minutes



Setting up a Show, Improvisations with the camera man, and an Aura Journey with Dolly .  Carol is invited to IXCHEL Healing Arts Center in Denver to do aura healing and reading sessions, She and Vaquero Cooper, her co-producer, in fast forward, set up the studio to do the sessions the next day. That night, working together and coming from different perspectives, an amusing evolution leads to some MUSEic improvisation.  The next day we journey into an awesome aura adventure with Dolly. 8 minutes