"World Healer"
Aura Portrait of Rayna Sigler

Rayna and I worked for ten weeks, three hours a week on this full-size, 5'x7' Aura Portrait. Rayna wanted feed-back and help in opening to her full potential. I had the good fortune to be the observer of her process. Many wonderful events occured as her chackra's opened...

A Goddess Energy-Being enveloped her, transmitting blessings to Rayna, and through Rayna to me. And, without me knowing, as Rayna concentrated on healing the Earth through her crystal ball, I saw it happining.

As I watched her aura, with my eyes closed, the crystal ball pulled my vision in to it and I saw it become suffused with an inner fire. Then a white aura expanded out from it about 2" ... And then as I watched, it become the earth in space with the stars behind behind it and the white aura around it.

I am very grateful to Rayna because she recognized my work long before I was doing it professionally. And she commissioned me to do this painting for her. Rayna herself is a very conscious and aware psychic healer so the feedback between us was extraordinary and that convinced me that what I was seeing was accurate. It was after this experience with Rayna that I had the confidence to commit myself to this work.

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