"Healing the Inner Child"
Colored Drawing
by Carol Skylark

This drawing illustrates how visualization effects the brain and body. The adult is healing the child and the inner child is passing it on to the body. She has her finger on the central pulse of the nervous system and when she becomes healed the body receives a flood of positive endorphins.

I am including a practice that has been very effective in my work with others and myself. You may benefit from exploring this visualization technique.

Inner Child Healing
Let your awareness take you into an area of your body that needs healing. Imagine or visualize yourself as a child and see-feel what that child is feeling and thinking. Then visualize yourself as the adult approaching the child and finding a way to comfort and love the little one. There should be a physical contact, hug, kiss or kindly touch. Where they have physical contact pour the energy in so that the child really feels it. Observe the transformation. Then imagine a large loving being of light that is your higher self. This light being embraces you both and sends blessings...Enjoy the rush.

We are producing audio cassette visualization tapes to help guide you through these sorts of attunements. E-mail us if you are interested.

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